SunOven: Sustainable Solar Cooking Simplified.
Discover the future of eco-friendly culinary innovation with SunOven. Harness the power of the sun to cook delicious, sustainable meals while reducing your carbon footprint. Explore the world's most loved portable and lightweight sunoven to embrace a greener way to prepare your favorite dishes.

Extra Large Cooking Area

The Sun Oven offers a large cooking chamber that will support meals cooked in enamelware pots with lids, in a Dutch Oven, and other larger cookware. Bake bread, cook chili or stews, even corn on the cob for 6! You can cook a whole chicken and even a turkey in your Sun Oven. Compare that to other portable solar cookers!

Cooks likes an Oven or a Slow Cooker

If you refocus the oven often, cooking times will be very fast. Or use it for slow cooking. Position the oven toward the sun for halfway through cooking. Leave, and come back for a tasty, slow-cooked dinner. If you run late, no problem; the SUN OVEN never burns the food, keeps food warm, moist, and fresh for hours.


Designed for India, Made with 100% American parts, Assembled in India, Sun Ovens are cooking for more than three decades of use accrues the globe.

The Solar Oven of Many Uses:

  • Use it at a base camp or picnic for lunch, fish, herbs and vegetables. Use it during fire bans!
  • Use it at home in the back yard any time. Even if you do have electricity and grills. Solar cooking is fun!
  • Use it as a slow cooker, using normal kitchenware. Fits a roasting pan or even a Crock-Pot ceramic insert.
  • Use it as a dehydrator. Dry meat for jerky. Make sun-dried tomatoes. Dehydrate fruits and veggies.
  • Use it as a second oven. The large cooking chamber fits a whole chicken. Keeps the house cooler in the hot months.
  • Boil or pasteurize water! The most energy-efficient way to re-hydrate freeze-dried emergency preparedness foods.
  • The Sun Oven is a key piece of equipment for disaster readiness and homesteading.

Cooking Desserts

Barbeque with Sun

Cook with the World’s Most Universal Power Source… Free Sunshine!

Reaches Temperatures of 300 to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit!
Bake, Boil or Steam Foods — Boil or Pasteurize Water!
The most energy-efficient way to re-hydrate freeze-dried emergency preparedness foods.
Dehydrate Fruits, Vegetables or Jerky!
Slow cook or cook in comparable time to conventional stove tops or ovens!
Totally Safe — No Danger of Fire!
Only 23 lbs!
Ruggedly Built for Years of Trouble-Free Use

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