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Daily EV Rides

Daily electric three-wheeler (ZEV) rides are transforming urban commuting. These compact, eco-friendly vehicles offer zero emissions, cost savings, and easy maneuverability.

Introducing the Electric Trike: Your Gateway to Effortless and Eco-Friendly Mobility. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring your neighborhood, our electric trike offers a comfortable and sustainable way to get around. With three wheels for stability, electric-powered assistance for convenience, and a design that effortlessly combines style and functionality, this trike redefines your daily rides. Say goodbye to the hassles of traffic and the environmental impact of traditional vehicles. Embrace a greener, more enjoyable way to travel with our electric trike and rediscover the freedom of the open road.

Larger Box

Carry all groceries, parcels or larger items for personal or business needs.

Multimode Power

Pedal it around or use electric motor, the trike takes you around at ease.

Stay Connected

Enjoy the tracking and monitoring solution for safety and convinience.


KG Weight Capacity


KM Driving Range


Mins Charging Time


Months Warranty

Why Choose ZeroBill for Electric Vehicle Procurement

When it comes to procuring electric vehicles for your garbage collection project, selecting the right partner is crucial. ZeroBill is your ideal choice for several compelling reasons. ZeroBill has built a strong reputation in the electric vehicle industry for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s why you should choose ZeroBill for your electric vehicle needs:

1. Proven Track Record

ZeroBill boasts a track record of excellence in manufacturing, operating and supporting electric vehicles. Our vehicles and charging infra have consistently demonstrated reliability and performance in diverse operational conditions.

2. Made in India

ZeroBill takes pride in being a ‘Make in India’ initiative. Our vehicles are designed, developed, and manufactured within the country, contributing to the growth of the Indian automotive industry and supporting local job creation. 

3. Environmentally Responsible

By opting for ZeroBill’s electric rickshaws and cycle rickshaws, you actively contribute to reducing carbon footprint and mitigating the environmental impact of your waste management operations.

4. Cutting-Edge Technology

Our e-rikshaws and cycle rickshaws are equipped with efficient electric motors, advanced battery systems, and smart monitoring and locking systems for enhanced performance, safety, and security.

5. Warranty and Reliability

We stand behind the quality and durability of our vehicles. ZeroBill offers a one-year warranty on all vehicles and an extended three-year warranty on batteries. This assurance reflects our confidence in the longevity and reliability of our products, giving you peace of mind in your deployment.

6. Customization

We offer flexibility in vehicle customization to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s cargo space, seating capacity, or other design features, we work closely with you to tailor our vehicles to your operational requirements.

7. Comprehensive Support

ZeroBill provides comprehensive support, including technical assistance, spare parts availability, and maintenance services. We are here to ensure the seamless operation of your electric vehicle fleet throughout its lifecycle.

8. Competitive Pricing

ZeroBill offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We believe in delivering value for your investment, making electric vehicle adoption economically viable for your organization.

Choose ZeroBill for a greener tomorrow.