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Small Wind Turbines

Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Patented Design for the most reliable energy generation

Are you frequently in situations where access to reliable energy is limited or non-existent? Do you require a convenient source of energy for your outdoor adventures or remote work locations? Is sustainability and clean energy important to you when considering your energy needs?

The Most

Loved Solar Cooker

Not just another solar cooker. It’s a portable, highly efficient, and incredibly spacious solution that allows you to savor the tastiest meals, all powered by the sun’s energy. What sets it apart is not only its ability to harness the sun’s power for cooking but also its spacious design, making it perfect for preparing meals for the entire family or a gathering of friends. This ingenious innovation ensures that the nutritional value of your food remains intact, thanks to gentle solar cooking that preserves vital nutrients, enhancing your culinary experience while promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Business Solutions – 100watts to 100kilowatts

From 100 watts to 100 kilowatts, our renewable energy power generators offer versatile and reliable solutions to meet your business needs, no matter the scale. Choose our solutions to power street lights, corridor, offices or even a full scale production line.

Sustainable Farmlands

Elevating Luxury Living: Sustainable Farmlands for a Greener Tomorrow.

Discover a world where sustainable power meets modern farming to create the ultimate luxurious and eco-friendly lifestyle. Our community is powered by the sun and wind, providing you with reliable and clean energy while you indulge in the art of sustainable farming. Experience the joy of solar cooking, transforming fresh harvests into culinary delights. Join our exclusive workshops to master sustainable life skills under the guidance of experts, ensuring your sustainable and stylish life flourishes.

The Next Level of Luxury.

Awesome Sustainable Products

More than 200 hand picked eco-friendly products in order to be inspired for your planet conscious life. Just a few clicks are required.

Monitoring Solutions

Maximize control over your energy ecosystem with our advanced energy monitoring solutions. Gain real-time insights into both energy generation and consumption, allowing you to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and make informed decisions. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to track renewable energy production, identify energy wastage, and ensure the seamless operation of your energy systems. Elevate your energy management strategy with our tailored monitoring solutions, and take charge of your sustainable energy future.

Sustainable Stories

Explore our blog’s inspiring stories about sustainable products and solutions, uncovering the innovative ways people are making a positive impact on our planet