ZEROLOSS™ – Performance Guarantee with IOT

Demand the Guaranteed Performance…

We monitor the performance of the installed system in near real time to ensure the system is performing as predicted. The smart algorithms and IOT ensures optimal electricity generation at the lowest cost.

After an analysis of your power bills, load profile and the site conditions through ZEROEXTRA™ we provide our engineering report which also includes Return-On-Investment analysis and financing options for the quoted system.
If you would like us to proceed further we provide detailed energy system design for a 10% deposit that includes:

  • Installation Diagrams & Procedures
  • Detailed Equipment List
  • An updated annual estimated yield for the system based on the detailed design and if applicable, updated demand reduction estimates if batteries are being installed and the power factor to be maintained where power factor correction equipment is being installed.

ZEROLOSS™ Guarantee

On commissioning of the energy system a sign-off agreement is provided which includes all the system performance estimates (from ZEROLOSS™) presented as part of the detailed design which are then used to check against actual performance of the system. Customers receive a monthly report showing real performance against estimates. We monitor performance in near real time using advanced IOT devices and where there are deviations from performance will move to rectify any issues – which might include sending out a technician to investigate and fix the system or make warranty claims for faulty equipment on your behalf.