ZEROEXTRA™ – Get perfect system design with BigData

Power generation with no extra costs…

Our data-driven analysis using BIG DATA algorithm based approach delivers an improved ROI by up to 20% compared to traditional solar industry methods along with our Performance Guarantee.

Once you have expressed your interest to install the ZEROBILL system, you may buy our ZEROEXTRA™ kit at 9999/-. Our experts will get in touch with you to collect more input like the location of the site, financial constraints and the future energy requirements.

ZEROEXTRA™ kit is a streamlined, inexpensive way to get your home ready to lower your electricity bill for a journey towards Zero Bill.

The ZEROEXTRA™kit includes:

  • A Power Conditioner that regulates home’s power, helping you to reduce energy consumption and better voltage profiles.
  • Data driven Feasibility Report that measures the solar and windpower suitability of location using aerial imagery and historical weather data.
  • A credit of 6999/- towards the purchase of your clean power generation system.


First, the Electricity Conditioner will help you lower your present energy use, lowering your energy use means you can save money with a smaller generator in future. That means the system we recommend to buy will be the most efficient possible, AND you can lower your energy costs in the meantime.

Next, you get a clear picture of how windsolar generation will work with your home.

  1. How much power generation do you need for your personal lifestyle?
  2. What areas of your roof or yard get the most sun?
  3. What shading obstructions do you have?
  4. How much of windpower do you get?
  5. How much power can your new windsolar system produce each month?

The Feasibility Report will have answer to all of these questions. We use satellite imagery to remotely size your home: calculating roof dimensions, projected output, shading obstructions, and providing you with a solar “heat map” that shows options for panel placement. We also use data available for average wind speed to design the optimal wind turbine for power generation.




The best part? When you’re ready for the next step and you purchase a ZEROBILL ENERGY system, we will credit the full cost of your ZEROEXTRA™ Starter Kit. That’s right, we want to help you kickstart your journey towards ZEROBILL by making it as easy and inexpensive as possible for you!

Detailed Analysis

We collect the relevant wind/solar data and do a detailed analysis to optimise the energy savings solution for each building using the power needs along with the data analysis of available resources over time. Our BIG DATA algorithms uncover the least cost capital investment that delivers maximized savings for best ROI.


With a deep data-driven approach to harness the natural resources to generate electricity, we optimally size each component to maximise the generation at lowest cost in conjunction with your building load. Our ZEROEXTRA™ report will generate a strategy for the least capital outlay.

Our data driven technology gives you the most efficient reliable system designed for energy needs and our IOT based monitoring can deliver up to a 20% improved ROI by reducing the breakdown periods.