Get the perfect design for your solar LED lighting

Get the perfect design for your solar LED lighting

Get the perfect design for your solar LED lighting

Often the buyers of the solar lighting do not realise the diversity of different options available to them, So they end up buying a mis-fit product. They either over-pay or install something under-performing.

A solar light for narrow road versus a wider road versus highways would all need very different specifications in terms of lumens, wattage, panel size, pole height, fixture type and battery parameters.

Also, different lighting levels, patterns of distribution, light pollution, and type of lighting needs to be taken into account when providing a solar lighting system.

Using the ZEROBILL design software you can fill in all your requirements and get  the perfect solution with our high quality solar LED lights. Also, rest assured of long operational life with our 5 years of warranty!

Our software calculates the number of lights required for the project along with the pole height and lumen. These numbers are further refined by our technical design team to best fit your project needs.

ZEROBILL approach:

  1. The first step is to get the perfect lumen requirements for your project to insure that the light level requirements are provided and can be fulfilled by the solar panels or with the wind-solar panels. ZEROBILL provides highly reliable german made OSRAM LEDs for highest lumen/watts, no wonder we give the longest warranty on our products.
  2. The second step is choosing an operation profile for your lighting project. We understand that not all applications require dusk to dawn operation. Understanding exactly when and how much lighting do you require during night will help determine exactly how much power needs to be generated.
  3. The third step is to determine the battery and power source sizing for the required autonomy in days, i.e. the undisturbed operation in absence of sun or wind. Our data science based software uses site specific wind and solar data to predict the power generation over months and recommends the most optimal size for reliable operation.


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