Why do we need Solar Cooking?

Why do we need Solar cooking?

Mobility, Cooking and Electricity needs in India are largely fulfilled by fossil fuels, causing carbon emissions and creating many health issues. An awareness is being built among general public for electric vehicles and wind-solar electricity, but clean energy sources for cooking have so far been ignored. But worldwide, the Solar cooking is gaining popularity with advancements and research with better optics and insulation for energy capture and retention. Latest technology used in some of these ovens can reach a temperature of upto 250 degree celsius!

What is Solar Cooking?

A solar cooker uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurise drink and other food materials. Because they use no fuel and used for slow cooking, they don’t harm the environment and make tasty nutritious food with very little effort, we call it Lazy Cooking!  While you solar cook, you can relax, watch your favourite show, work or play with kids during the Lazy time, mentioned with every recipe.

“Although it takes food longer to cook in a solar cooker, the time it takes to prepare and clean are vastly reduced. For every meal I’ve made, I simply chop up a variety of things, throw them in the pot and let them cook. And due to the slow nature of cooking food never gets burnt on the pots/pans. Cleaning up is quick and easy.”

Benefits of Solar Cooking

  • Kind to Environment – No fossil fuel
  • Easy to cook – No monitoring, frees up time
  • Requires less water – Doesn’t boil away moisture
  • Does not burn food – More moist and flavourful
  • More nutritious – Slow cooking helps preserve nutrients
  • Silent – Food cooks in a sealed chamber
  • Portable – You can put a solar cooker anywhere

ZEROBILL brings you a patented high efficiency solar oven with high quality reflectors, low-iron temper proof glass, food grade insulation chamber, air tight gasket and durable lightweight body.

Solar cooking is not new in India, many less efficient box type solar cookers are available. However, they have inferior performance and durability. Older Indians recall the solar cooker give-away program offered by the Ministry (MNRE) for many years which distributed the cookers widely in urban communities. The Ministry ended the program in the 2010s, after a study found that few recipients were using the cookers. 

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