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PRE-ORDERS are accepted to be delivered at the end of August-2020.

SO EASY – It’s autonomous and you don’t need to attend to it because it never burns the food.

SO TASTY – Slow cooking,  results in tastier, juicier and more nutritive food.

SO RELIABLE – Built using the most advanced technology and highest quality materials from the world’s leading manufacturers.

ALL YEAR ROUND – Both advanced optics and effective insulation allow for cooking with negative temperatures

The SunTaste solar oven is Made-In-Europe, designed to cook all foods and recipes. Thermally insulated and compact, it goes where you want it to go! As with a traditional oven, a preheating time of between 20 and 30 minutes is required. With the SunTaste, make the same recipes as in your traditional oven: fish, meat, vegetables, soups, but also bread, pizzas, pies or cakes.


  • Does not require frequent adjustments
  • Reaches a temperature of 200°C
  • Food taste better and preserves nutritions

The SunTaste solar oven is powered by solar energy. The rays are concentrated inside the oven, the heat gradually rises and heats your preparation. The gradual increase in temperature allows for gentle and unattended cooking.

The SunTaste is sold with a black rectangular cooking pot and baking dish, both ideal for solar cooking.

Other plus: It allows you to dry your food as well. Indeed, the SunTaste can act as a solar dryer in a certain configuration. In order to dry your food it is necessary to be at a temperature between 35° and 60°C, for this you can choose the solution that suits you best so that your solar oven does not overheat:


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