• Captures sunlight from sunup to sundown
  • Light weight and portable
  • Folds compactly for transportation or storage
  • Thousands in use around the world

On a day with 12 hours of sunshine, you get 12 hours of solar cooking with this panel type adjustable solar cooker. No other panel cooker can do this!

ZEROBILL brings you the popular All Season Solar Cooker. This Made-In-India Solar Cooker is large enough to hold a turkey roaster and powerful enough to roast that turkey just as well as your indoor oven.

Since this is a panel type cooker, there is no limit to the dimention of pot that you use. Two large pots, 12″ frypans, oblong cake pans, tall pots… they all fit. The cooking area is 12″ deep and 17″ wide. There is no height limit in the cooking area so just about any type of pot will fit!

Perfectly Captures the Sun from Horizon to Horizon


The photo on the left shows the All Season Solar Cooker in its full down position. The sunsight is pointed directly at the horizon. in this position the ASSC Camper captures the first morning light or the last afternoon sunshine.

The photo on the right shows the All Season Solar Cooker in its full up position. The sunsight points straight up, perfectly capturing the sun when it is directly over head.

These are the two extreme positions. The Solar Cooker can adjust to any angle between these two. Perfectly capturing the sun at any elevation. This adjustability allows the user to cook any time of day that the sun is shining (Not just from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. like most other solar cookers)

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