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Buy a wind turbine generator for your small needs of power like a small cabin, farmhouse or farm light. This is also an ideal thing for setting up in school/college for practical demonstrations.


Rated wattage : 400W
Max wattage : 520W
Voltage : 12V/24V/48V
Cut-in wind speed : 2m/s
Rated wind speed : 12m/s
Wind blades diameter : 1.3m
Blade number : 6


– Made In India (0% Chinese)
– Custom made wind turbine for your region, higher performance assured
– Low wind power generation, can withstand very high wind speeds
– Patent pending tail to accurately adjust wind direction
– Low vibration and low noise

Suitable for:

1. For home use to run 2 fans and light up 4 LED bulbs
2. For monitoring use in remote sites
3. Ideal mix with Solar panels to get reliable electricity throughout the year
4. For wind solar hybrid streetlight to light up upto 150 watts LED
Package includes:
1x Wind Turbine
1x Wind Charge Controller

Additional information

Weight 14 kg

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