self-sustained community living

ZEROBILL TOWN, located in Bangalore, India, is to be an off grid farmhouses and organic village that also functions as an off grid weekend gateway with restaurant and recreation facilities.

This is a lifestyle and investment opportunity, to invest in a managed organic farming, clean technologies dealership and recreation park.

ZEROBILL TOWN is to be a new breed of off grid farmhouses and recreation park that functions well beyond the efforts of existing industry leaders through its overall affordability, sustainable infrastructures, and humanist values.

ZEROBILL TOWN will go beyond the efforts of most competitors in its industry, offering live/work opportunities to the area’s local farmers, as well as acting as a proof-of-concept in its off grid infrastructures for the purpose of implementing such systems in remote sites worldwide.

Organic Farming

Own an organic farm, managed with professional help for higher yeild, we allow you to sell/consume/donate the produce.

Off-Grid Lifestyle

Our off-grid power generation solutions supplies 100% clean and reliable electricity for living, farming and recreation.

Community Living

Live with like minded community who care for environment as much as you do and embrace the self sustained life style.

Work from Farm

We are building world class work infrastructure to stay in touch with your work while you are away living at a farm.

Healthy Life

Live in a Wooden Villa, eat farm fresh fruits and vegetables, work, play, socialize, and serve.

Invest to Earn

With managed organic farming you will have sufficient production for self consumption and selling.

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