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SUNTASTE – Made of tree cork, 100% eco-friendly, Europe’s #1 Solar Oven, engineered with advanced optics and effective insulation. This oven does not require refocus and can cook even with negative temperatures.

₹ 30,000

American Sun Oven, assembled in India with genuine high quality parts. Rust-proof, highly polished mirror-like anodized aluminum reflectors. This oven sets up in minutes and reaches temps of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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All Season Solar Cooker is world’s best panel cooker with high energy capture and retention capability. Unique tilt-able design captures sunlight from sun up to sundown. Light weight and portable, folds compactly for storage.

₹ 7,500

Buy products for Renewable Electricity and Cooking!

Incumbent sources of energy used for electricity and cooking (propane, charcoal, wood and fossil fuels) are expensive, harmful to the environment, and in many places, unavailable. Change to clean products for Economy, Freedom and Environment .

Made In India Solar LED light with inbuilt lithium batteries, comes with upto 5 years of warranty. Sold as a minimum set of 20 Solar Street Lights for pre-programmed adaptive lighting profile. Contact us to buy more.

₹ 14,500

Buy a Made-In-India custom made wind turbine generator for your small needs of power like a small cabin, farmhouse or farm light. This is also an ideal thing for setting up in school/college for practical demonstrations.

₹ 18,500

Setup Wind-Solar carport for free electricity to charge your electric vehicles. These carports are available in the sizes of 1, 2 and 4 car parking. A single car park can generate upto 11units/day, enough for a single day travel needs for your EVs!

₹ 1,75,000