Company overview

ZEROBILL is a CLEANTECH company. We began our research into renewable energy about 6 years ago and have grown due to our strength in organized scientific research. We started out small, with just a few people and a small office in Bangalore, but today we have offices in multiple cities.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we conceptualize our products. One complaint many people have about renewable energy company is that they always make tall claims. Individuals often have to buy-in the claims with no assurance.  Our clients face no such issues with our Assured Performance guarantee,

ZEROBILL continues to grow every day thanks to the organized scientific research done for our products and solutions. We cover many aspects such as power generation, mobility and real estate products.

Our mission

Our products and solutions will allow you to:

  • Get reliable power — and save money
  • Get a truly clean transport options for yourself or for employees
  • Build an environment conscious brand
  • Manage your carbon footprint so you’ll be seen as responsible
  • Cut energy expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Choose an independent life, free of grid disruptions for your business
  • Automate your energy supplies, so you can leave it unattended for days, weeks, or even months at a time

ZEROBILL in action

how can we help you?

Contact us over the phone or submit a business inquiry online.

core team

Manish Agrawal, Founder

As an engineer, Manish knows technology and design, and five years ago went back to school to learn more about renewable energy sources. Now, he’s a leading expert in domestic and commercial clean energy. Manish’s passion is creating alternative energy solutions blended with technology and data science. Manish holds a bachelors in Computer Engineering from NIT, Trichy and did his management from IIM-Bangalore.

Avinash Gavali, Co-founder

Avinash heads the IOT and software team for ZEROBILL. A technocrat with over 15 years of industry experience, Avinash ensures that the cloud software and IOT works as expected and that your clean energy installation works smoothly. His scope of work also includes estimating, proposals, scheduling, and liaising between clients and subcontractors.