WindSolar Electricity Generators

With WindSolar hybrid system, you can benefit from both forms of energy sources which happens to give way to each other in different seasons of the year. But, for the hybrid system to work, atleast 60% of the power must come from ‘wind’ and the wind speed should be atleast 15 kmph on a average. The hybrid system generates as much as 6 units of power every day, compared with 4 units from solar. And you know what is even special? – The cost of Hybrid system could be cheaper than pure play solar system. All it requires is a 8 sq.m for 1 KW installation on your rooftop.

In addition to wind portion of this renewable energy solar wind system can produce energy 24 hours a day. Hybrid power systems like this provide the maximum benefits on a renewable energy investment. Some of the suppliers offer prepackaged hybrid systems, but in most installations based on location and your needs, we would put together a wind-solar hybrid system that consists of various ration of solar and wind to maximize your energy production and system goals. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the products to meet your needs.

We can help Apartment Societies to replace high cost diesel based backup generators with a much cheaper alternative of clean energy system. The installed system size can vary from 10KW to 100KW for each block, sufficient to take care of common area needs and to provide power backup in case of power failure. Our smart algorithms can accurately predict the system requirements and can design the most cost effective system backed by ZEROLOSS™ performance guarantee.

We build the energy solution with a right combination of wind and solar, powered by our IOT and Data Science algorithms. Our custom designed solution is an investment which will payback its own cost within 4-8 years based upon the site conditions and the installation size. The installed system size can vary from 1KW to 10KW for each home, sufficient to take care of all power needs.

Some industries spend upto 60% of input cost as electricity for their production needs. Our system can make the electricity cost to virtually zero within few years to improve the profits. As its a clean energy so the industries can also do their bit to save environment while they adopt our system. Our custom designed solution for industries can vary from 20KW to 10MW for throughout the year power needs for the production. We offer BOT model for industries so that the cost is opex and not the capex.


Connected Highway Light

Zerobill has the knowledge and advanced experience to establish a strong team for design, engineering and project development, in order to bring a complete turnkey solar energy solution. Smart highway and smart road are terms for a number of different proposals to incorporate technologies into roads for generating solar energy, for improving the operation for lighting, and for monitoring the condition of the road.
  1. Custom built designs in high quality steel or aluminium.
  2. Each street light consists of two PV panels, one charge-management system (CMS), one wind turbine and an energy efficient LED light, all mounted to a very stylized light pole.
  3. Specially-designed battery system in a weather-proof underground vault.

Clean Energy Carports

Solar carports are an ideal solution for generating renewable energy at any location where vehicles need to park. Ground mount solar configurations are the least expensive solution, of course, but some sites lack sufficient available unused land for the amount of power required and addition to saving money by generating power, solar carports have another advantage: protection from the weather. Indeed, many businesses install ordinary carports solely for the cooling shade and protection from rain and snow they provide their employees and customers.
  1. ZEROBILL Intelligent carports can predict the power generation and raise an alert in case of any failures
  2. Users can see the future and present Power available to plan the charging
  3. Offers beautiful covered carpark with additional utility value
  4. Available in aluminium and wooden structure.
  5. Complete Off-grid solution with minimal battery needs
  6. Generates z whopping 5 KW of power in 200 Sq. Ft. of Area
  7. Available In the sizes of 2-40 carparks

Salient Features

Clean Energy

Better ROI

Data driven system design

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Performance Guarantee

Faster setup

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