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Reduce Electricity Bill…

As a first step to designing your new electricity generation system, we evaluate your current power use and suggest how you can save. This will translate into cost savings even before you are ready to buy.

Enter your electric bills into our intelligent software system to calculate the average electricity units consumption for both the winter and summer seasons. Further evaluation of your current energy use may reveal exactly where you can be more energy and cost efficient, ultimately making the best use of your new power generation system.
Based upon the details of individual appliances, lights and other electrical equipment with their hourly usage and connection patterns, our SMARTSAVER™ report will show the pie-chart and power consumption table for your household.

Electricity Calculator

This provides a rough estimate of your power needs. For a more precise calculation, please contact us.

Wholesale Solar Off-Grid System Size Calculator
1. What’s the most electricity you might use in a month?Look at your past electric bills and find the month with the highest usage (often summer or winter, depending on cooling/heating needs in your area). The bill should show you the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used that month. Put this number in the space to the right.


Future Expansion Plans : Use the actual watt-hours per day at the end of your Load Evaluation Calculator.  We will multiply results by 30 (for a monthly total) and divide by 1000 (to convert watt-hours to kilowatt-hours) to get the actual units.

2. How many Peak Sun Hours do you get per day? This gives you the annual average. If you will use your system during the winter, subtract 1.5 hours from the annual average to account for decreased sunlight during those months. This ensures your system will be properly sized to provide year-round power, even during darker months.

Minimum System Size:

Approximate Solar Only Panel Wattage:
This is a rough estimate for Solar only system design. Such estimations are NEVER properly sized and will either be under-powered to meet the requirements or will be over-powered resulting in higher costs. For accurate estimations, contact us to buy ZEROEXTRA™ Kit.

Load Evaluation Calculator

Wholesale Solar Load Evaluation Calculator
Appliance Quantity Watts
(V x A)
Mult. * 1.5 for AC conversion
Hours On per Day Watt Hours per Day
Total Watt Hours per Day:
Watt Hours Required Assuming Inherent Efficiency Loss:


Our report will also helps you understand various Renewable Energy Systems like the ones powered by solar panels, by wind,  by water, or a combination of these. Some are grid-connected; others are independent of utility power lines. You will get to learn about the components of each kind of system, their benefits and limitations.

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