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Future would be Smart, Clean and Independent living.

ZEROBILL is an energy company, with its patent pending IOT and artificial intelligent products, for assured power generation to run off-grid solutions.

We are CLEAN, our solutions reduce the carbon emission with its off-grid solutions for street lighting, home electricity and clean EV fleets.

We are SMART, our IOT devices use BIGDATA to build products which enable smart EV monitoring and power generation solution for the ASSURED electricity.

We ensure INDEPENDENT living, our intelligent data science algorithms with its patent pending IOT devices accurately predict the energy requirements and design a clean energy system using power generation with available natural resources and advanced energy storage technology for the true independence from power grid.

Our EV fleet services provides clean transport with ZERO emission and ZERO power bill.

Our fleet monitoring product monitors the EV fleets with its patent pending technology to increase the battery life by over 30% and to increase the range by  10%.

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Smart energy solution to help Zero your power Bill


Our custom solutions identifies your true power need using BIGDATA and ensure a reliable power generation with state of the art IOT devices installed with your wind and solar power

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Our hybrid power solutions generate reliable electricity for your home or business. Our solar and wind turbine solutions are high quality and priced competitively for the GUARANTEED power generation.

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Our power saver tips can saves up to 30% on electricity bills for residential and industrial units. Additionally our power conditioner designed for industrial needs can further reduce the commercial electricity bill.

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