Zero your carbon Bill with Smart energy solutions


Our custom wind and solar powered generators are built for your true power needs using BIGDATA and we ensure a reliable power generation with state of the art IOT devices installed with your wind and solar power generators.

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We have designed EV charging solutions with 100% renewable energy. Our carports use the available wind and solar power to convert them into electricity. We make your transport 100% clean. Available for 1-50 cars setup

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Our ZEROBILL OFF-GRID solutions are built for sustainable independent living. BuyWind-solar power generators for electricity, Solar Oven for cooking, off-grid cold storage, clean water generators and more.

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Future would be Smart, Clean and Independent living

ZEROBILL is an energy company, with its patent pending IOT and artificial intelligent products, for assured power generation to run off-grid, reliably.

We are CLEAN, our solutions reduce the carbon emission with its off-grid street lighting, home electricity, agriculture and clean EV fleets.

We are SMART, our IOT devices use BIGDATA to build products for power generation solution with ASSURED electricity.

We ensure INDEPENDENT living, our intelligent data science algorithms accurately predict the energy demand and generation, to design a clean energy system for the true independence from power grid.

ZEROBILL Energy in Action


ZEROBILL MICRO TURBINE is the world’s first any-roof wind turbine which has all the functionality of a large-scale wind turbine, engineered to work on any roof top, anywhere in the world.

Greatest Power For The Smallest Footprint
  • 400 W power requires lesser than 1 Sq. Ft. of Rooftop Space
  • Supports upto 2.4 KwH of Battery Storage
    Runs Lights, Fans, Charges phones, tablets, lights, and more!
  • Designed For Any Roof
    Automatically turns into the wind
    Set up only takes a pole on the Roof!



Approaching rainy season and don’t want to be weighed down by inefficient solar panels or power banks that will lose their battery life? ZEROBILL Micro Turbine has been engineered to generate power in variety of wind speeds and will work in rain, sun, and at night.

Emergency Preparedness

Worried about power outages but don’t want a loud and expensive generator? With Zerobill Micro’s ability to rapidly charge a connected battery, you have a non-stop source of power to keep your home running, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Off-grid Living

Use ZEROBILL Micro Turbine to power your entertainment devices such as speakers, cameras, mini-projectors and more while living Offgrid life. No need for heavy, bulky power stations, or draining your vehicle’s battery, all you have to do is set The Micro Turbine up and let the wind do the rest.


Visit our Clean Tech Product Store on Amazon and Flipkart, powered by ZEROBILL, where innovation meets sustainability! We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly products designed to help you lead a carbon free lifestyle.
At our store, you’ll discover a carefully curated collection of clean tech products that harness the power of renewable energy and minimize the environmental impact. From Made-in-India micro wind turbine, and solar-powered appliances, and electric transportation, we’ve got you covered.
We believe that sensitive choices and small changes can make a big difference, and our products are here to empower you to make those changes. Whether you’re looking to outfit your home with smart energy solutions or seeking sustainable alternatives for everyday living, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect clean tech products to meet your needs.


By shopping with us, you’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint but also support the growth of the clean technology industry. We manufacture our own products and work with few innovative companies and manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability and the pursuit of a cleaner, greener future.
Visit our Clean Tech Product Store today and join the movement towards a more sustainable tomorrow. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a better world for generations to come.

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