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ZEROBILL is an energy solutions company using data and technology for the GUARANTEED Zero electricity Bill. ZEROBILL, an Energy Company, is a product supplier that specializes in Power Saving and Guaranteed Power Generators using Solar PV and Wind Turbines. We provide design, products and installation services for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Bangalore, Delhi, Cochin, Goa and Chennai. The company uses intelligent algorithms to accurately predict the energy requirements and designs a clean energy systems using power generation with natural resources and advanced energy storage technology for optimum efficiency and lowest cost. Our products lowers your energy costs with an ultimate aim to bring it to ZERO BILL. Our Power Conditioner product reduces the electricity bill by upto 40%, without investing in alternative power generations. As a complete service, we offer cost effective production of electricity, and also help you reducing the consumption of your electricity bill with our SMARTSAVER™ reports. Through ZEROEXTRA™ kit, we can learn about your building’s historic energy demands and then engineer a system solution that produces the best economic result. ZEROBILL systems are also backed by ZEROLOSS™, our performance guarantee where we monitor performance in near real time to ensure the system is performing as predicted.

Smart energy solution to help Zero your power Bill


Our custom solutions identifies your true power need using BIGDATA and ensure a reliable power generation with state of the art IOT devices installed with your wind and solar power

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Our hybrid power solutions generate reliable electricity for your home or business. Our solar and wind turbine solutions are high quality and priced competitively for the GUARANTEED power generation.

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Our power saver tips can saves up to 30% on electricity bills for residential and industrial units. Additionally our power conditioner designed for industrial needs can further reduce the commercial electricity bill.

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